Five ways to boost motivation and stick to your workout schedule

At all times of the year, we find excuses to skip our workouts. It’s wet, dark and cold outside, and all you want to do is go home, make a warm brew and watch Netflix or, alternatively, it’s sunny and you’re headed to the beach or for a cocktail in the nearest bar. The key, of course, is balance and finding it through the right motivators. It’s that motivation that comes and goes. Here are fiveways to increase motivation and, more importantly, sustain it.

Cadence Beats’ Instructor ‘T’ calls on 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, motivating clients and members of all shapes and sizes, to bring you her tips.

  1. Identify your ‘why’, write it down and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. When you want to ditch your session or give up, this written reminder acts as your first barrier to quitting. Make your motivation/goal specific. It’s specificity that doesn’t allow for any holes in your routine.Along with this, put a pin in the past. It’s not about what you didn’t do; it’s about what you’re going to do.
  1. Pick a buddy, workmate or family member to workout with; view it as your regular catch-up or social activity. It’s no secret that we’re motivated by people we like. You could even put in place a reward for after the class or session –go grab a smoothie or coffee with a friend or stretch your legs out with a walk-and-talk around a park. At the very least, give yourself and each other a pat on the back. Hard work deserves a reward and rewards are motivating. If you prefer to exercise alone, a happy medium is instructor-led activity and/or booking regular sessions with personal trainers.
  1. Make it fun – don’t be afraid to have a good time along the way, release those happy and natural endorphins. Pick a workout or class that sings to what you enjoy and let your inner-child rule. If you hate running, don’t run (etc). Many of our members choose Cadence for the high-tempo, good tunes and instructor-led workouts. If you’re someone that likes numbers and data, pick a way to record and measure your workouts; we use Stages Flight technology and heart rate monitors.
  1. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast – the habit of eating well filters through to all our actions and clears our thoughts, maintains our energy levels, and steady our emotions. Level energy and emotions mean you’re more likely to be motivated to exercise (and less likely to reach for that sweet treat). It’s that 3pm slump, caused by up-and-down sugar levels, preventing you from making it to the studio or gym after work.
  1. Focus on learning something new and get your brain in training. An exercised and organised mind tends to motivate you to do what’s good for the physical body too. Think of learning a new language, a new dish or a new sport/exercise. At the very least, ask your instructor why you’re doing the exercise you’re doing as giving meaning to your sessions is everything.