We don’t count reps; we follow beats.

Strike, lift, suspend and ride to a leaner, fitter you.


Heart Health

The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise increases the blood flow to the muscles and makes your heart stronger. Prolonged training will also reduce your heart rate and regulate your blood pressure.

Increase in lean body mass

Our classes focus on building lean muscle. Lean body mass determines your basal metabolic rate (BMR) – the amount of calories you burn at rest. The greater amount of LBM you have, the greater your BMR will be. This means that people with greater amounts of lean muscle have a greater energy expenditure while doing nothing, helping to avoid calorie imbalances and weight gain.

Reduce Body Fat

Think maximum caloric burn. Our type of training (high-intensity interval training) helps you burn calories even after you are done exercising as it can elevate your metabolic rate for hours after exercise.This includes unhealthy visceral fat.

Fast mind and body

We want your thinking to be sharp and ensure you can move efficiently and effectively– Chief and Bolt classes offer a combination of motivational (and educational) talks and meditation, and speed training with our founder Korey Gibson means you’ll be quick in every sense.



The focus of a Beast workout is ensuring your muscles work with time under tension to maximise muscle growth ensuring you burn more calories at rest to speed up your weight loss and speed you towards your toning goals. Think light weights, slow movements, high reps and short rest.


This is all about gaining strength. You can never be too strong, but you can be too weak. Make your entire life stronger by making our strength classes part of your weekly routine. Think mid-range weights, medium-paced movements, low to medium reps and longer rest.


Bolt classes are for gaining speed! Speed cannot be taught, but it can be improved. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Moving faster means you think faster and act faster, nobody wants to continually get slower. Think heavier weights, fast movements, low reps and medium-to-long rest.


These HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes are based on our 3Cs – calisthenics (body weight exercises), cycling and combat! As a pack you will chase down your goals and build a solid fitness base. Think light weight, fast movements, high reps and short-to-medium rest.


Get those legs fired up on a short sharp road race. Mobility comes first, followed by the ultimate fat burning session. This is a low impact option, protecting joints without compromising on results. Nothing but cycling!


Chief promotes self-development and mindfulness. The best leaders seek clarity and positivity in all their thoughts. Mindset through meditation is crucial. Invest in your mindset away from the distraction of home.

Judgement Day

Measure your improvements through personal testing, after all, life is about constant and never-ending improvement.

Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior is your personal competition, the testing is hard, but this is what you’re here for. Massive personal, physical and mental gains are what you will get here!


“Cadence Beats has been a long time in the making and is an evolution of Cadence Cycling Studios concept; it’s taking measurable group fitness to the next level. I’ve played professional sport in the past, but now I’m in the habit of regularly working out to stay fit, lean and mobile to enjoy the activities with my whanau. That doesn’t mean I need to compromise on the quality, consistency and structure of my training, and neither do you.

As the names of our classes suggest, have the drive of a beast, be strong like a mountain, be fast like a lightning bolt, work with your wolfpack, find your fire and grow your mind like a chief.”

Korey Gibson, Co-founder

“When Korey and I started to create Cadence Beats classes and timetable, it was important to us we set you on a training cycle to achieve your goals through strength, cardio, speed and endurance programs in workouts that include striking, riding, lifting and suspending.

We also decided to make most of our classes accessible to teenagers so that parents can train with their children. After all, who do they learn their good habits from?

And, as the name suggests, we are cranking up the tunes as every successful workout, starts and ends with a legendary playlist.”

Tessa Murray, Co-founder


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As Cadence Beats is part of The Health Hub in Ferrymead, we have different options to suit you. We also have affordable options for you to bring your partner and / or children.

The Health Hub is a centre for wellbeing. One membership offers fitness options for the whole family through gymnastics, dance, yoga, Pilates, strength and cardio training. It focuses on getting family members to exercise together because it believes it’s the best way to promote healthy living and ensure everyone sticks to the routine.

Learn more about Tribe Yoga and Pilates and Encore Dance Studio.

Cadence Beats – Group Fitness Studio

35 per week

Cadence Beats + Tribe Yoga and Pilates Studio

40 per week

Cadence Beats + Encore Dance Studio

40 per week

The Health Hub VIP Cadence Beats + Encore Dance + Tribe Yoga

45 per week

Add a partner

20 per week

Add a mini me (age 8-15)

10 per week

Kid All Access

15 per week

*All prices are for a minimum 6-month membership term

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